Are you insured?

Absolutely, our company strictly adheres to government guidelines and maintains comprehensive insurance coverage, including $20 million in public liability and workers' compensation. This commitment to safety and protection ensures that both our clients and our team members are covered in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Your peace of mind is our priority.

What should we expect on the day?

When our Linemarking team arrives at your site, our supervisor will make an introduction. They will review the approved project details and take a brief walk with you to precisely determine the placement of the Linemarking. Subsequently, the team will commence with the cleaning, measuring, and chalking to outline the locations for the Linemarking. Once you have approved the layout,...

What about cleaning the floor before Linemarking?

Cleaning the floor before Linemarking is a crucial step. Consider Linemarking akin to painting a wall; just as a dirty wall can hinder paint adhesion, the same applies to Linemarking. If the floor is soiled, the paint won't adhere properly. When dealing with dirty floors, we offer two options: Our team can perform a thorough pressure wash of the floor...

I need a site inspection, can you come out?

Certainly, City Linemarking is equipped with a dedicated team of in-house Business Development Managers who are readily available to visit your site. They will not only guide you in achieving the optimal Linemarking outcome for your property but also bring with them precise floor measuring equipment, including advanced measuring wheels. This ensures that the quotes provided are exceptionally accurate. Additionally,...

How long until we receive our quotation?

At City Linemarking, we are committed to providing prompt service. We guarantee that all our quotations will be prepared and delivered to you within 24 hours. However, if you have urgent requirements or need an even quicker turnaround, please don't hesitate to contact us at (02) 8664 0165 and speak with our dedicated estimator. We are here to accommodate your...

Is the paint non-Slip?

The paint we utilize, specifically Dulux paint, is equipped with a non-slip feature. However, if you desire enhanced non-slip properties, we can incorporate additional non-slip additives into the paint upon request. This involves blending the non-slip aggregate into the paint during application. Furthermore, we offer an optional slip certificate service, which involves independent testing and certification to confirm the non-slip...

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