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Line Marking Removal

Have lines that you need removed? City Line Marking and Maintenance have line marking removal machines to get those old lines off your surface. Whether you’re looking to remove the lines completely or remove and repaint we provide both options.

The Process: You have 4 options of line marking removal

  • High Pressure Water Blasting System
  • Black Out Paint
  • Shot Blasting
  • Poly Planing(Grinding)

Which option suits you?

1 High Pressure Water Blasting

This is the most efficient, cleanest and no mess left behind option. This all in one system means you will have water blasting to remove lines and vacuum recovery for the water in one process. The main benefit of this service is that you are left with no mess and no need for chemicals.

Our water blaster is a 40’000PSI water blasting system with attached vacuum on the rotating head. This is large amount of water flow and guarantees your lines to be removed with the high pressure water blasting.

If you are repainting the surface where the lines are this is the best option. The main reasons are because the surface will be dirt and dust free. It will also enable our line marking team to have a fresh surface to paint on. Match this removal with our high quality paint line marking services and you are in for a great result!

This system will work on: Waterborne, epoxy paint, thermoplastics, tape, rubber, paint spills and much more.

3 Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is small metal beads hitting the surface at high power to chip away at lines and surfaces. This process is most common for line removal where the surface is being re textured prior to applying sealers or epoxy’s.

This process is very common for line marking removal in car parks and warehouses. This process is also suited to roads where skid resistance Is needing to be restored.
The head sizes for this removal come in 10’’ to 16’’, 20’’ and 47’’.

2 Black Out Paint

Black out painting over lines is very common this is usually a dark grey or black placed over lines or designs that are needing to be removed. This is a cover up paint option and it is the most cost effective way to remove lines and designs.

This practice is also very common when new lines, letters or numbers are needing to be repainted. This method leaves a nice grey or black box under the new wording or numbering. It is a very professional finish and is commonly found in car parks where wording is needed to reserve car parks.

4 Surface Grinding

Surface grinding is the preferred way to add texture back to the surface around lines especially for repainting or sealing.

Surface grinding is rotating disks that grind way paint, this method is one of the most common ways to remove lines. Some machines have vacuum recovery, meaning the process will leave minimal dust and debris. It is however highly recommended a surface sweep or surface scrub is booked in after grinding to make sure all surface dust is removed from the surface.


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What Our Customers Say About Us

NSW Police Force
Christine Mckinney

” I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the workmen that came here to complete our line marking at Pemulwuy. All three of them were very professional and friendly and did a really great job with the line marking. Everyone here is very happy with the results.
Thanks again and kind regards”

Kooroora Tennis
Helen Ackerman

” Our tennis club is very happy to recommend City Linemarking. The service was prompt, efficient and the crew pleasant to deal with.They followed up with us to make sure we were satisfied with the job, which we were. Thanks”

Penrith RSL
Brian Bellomo

” We chose City Line Marking to mark our whole car park to new layout specs.From the outset, Ash, was very communicative, provided a competitive price and booked the job as efficiently as possible. On the day, Ash and his team arrived on time, completed the job on time and left the venue without issue.
We highly recommend City Line Marking.”

Wickham Freight
Rohan Keogh

” Dealing with City Line marking has been great! They are fast, responsive and capable. Within 12 hours of the first phone call, Ash was out measuring and Scoping the site. Less than a week later the team arrived on site and after 2 days over 2.5 kilometres of paint had been laid and the job was complete.”

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