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Guard Rails

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40 years combined experience
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Guard Rails

Guard rail installation Sydney-wide

At City Linemarking, we take immense pride in being one of only two companies in Sydney that offer comprehensive in-house solutions for both line marking and guard railing. Our highly skilled team specializes in the supply and installation of guard railings, catering to a diverse range of settings, including warehouses, carparks, shopping centers, pedestrian safety zones, and any environment requiring pedestrian or structural safety measures.

The Vital Role of Guard Railing: In the realms of industrial, commercial, and car park facilities, the presence of guard railings is paramount to ensuring the safety of occupants and the public. These protective barriers play a crucial role in preventing accidents and safeguarding against potential hazards.

Uncompromising Quality and Safety: We place a premium on the quality and safety of our guard railings. Exclusively employing 100% tested, certified, and Australian-made guard rails equipped with established vehicle impact ratings, we offer an unparalleled standard of safety. Our guard rails are meticulously designed to obstruct unauthorized vehicle access to protected areas. These robust guard railings are engineered and tested to withstand the force of a 1,500kg vehicle impact. Additionally, our versatile guard railings can be seamlessly installed on various surfaces, including concrete and asphalt. While the typical installation involves mounting them atop concrete slabs, we possess the expertise and capability to install them on any suitable substrate.

Your Trusted Guard Railing Partner: City Linemarking is your dependable partner for comprehensive guard railing solutions that prioritize safety and quality. Our commitment to excellence, rigorous testing, and Australian-made materials set us apart as a leader in the industry.

To explore our guard railing services and receive a customized quote, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team. With City Linemarking, you can rest assured that your safety requirements are in capable hands.


  • Car parks
  • Commercial premises
  • Industrial premises
  • Logistic yards
  • Public places
  • Warehouses

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What Our Customers Say About Us

NSW Police Force
Christine Mckinney

” I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the workmen that came here to complete our line marking at Pemulwuy. All three of them were very professional and friendly and did a really great job with the line marking. Everyone here is very happy with the results.
Thanks again and kind regards”

Kooroora Tennis
Helen Ackerman

” Our tennis club is very happy to recommend City Linemarking. The service was prompt, efficient and the crew pleasant to deal with.They followed up with us to make sure we were satisfied with the job, which we were. Thanks”

Penrith RSL
Brian Bellomo

” We chose City Line Marking to mark our whole car park to new layout specs.From the outset, Ash, was very communicative, provided a competitive price and booked the job as efficiently as possible. On the day, Ash and his team arrived on time, completed the job on time and left the venue without issue.
We highly recommend City Line Marking.”

Wickham Freight
Rohan Keogh

” Dealing with City Line marking has been great! They are fast, responsive and capable. Within 12 hours of the first phone call, Ash was out measuring and Scoping the site. Less than a week later the team arrived on site and after 2 days over 2.5 kilometres of paint had been laid and the job was complete.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we choose you?

City Linemarking is committed to delivering results.

Not just in terms of line marking service but also in the precise execution of your Linemarking needs.

Our team embodies the utmost professionalism and efficiency when handling your Line marking projects and installations.

As one of the most competitive priced line marking services and one of the largest teams serving Sydney linemarking and NSW, our track record for exceptional service has earned us the prestigious title of the chosen Linemarking Company for Australia’s largest warehouse linemarking, the Amazon Distribution Centre in Kemps Creek. This monumental project, completed in November 2021 and under continuous maintenance, spans an area equivalent to 50 football fields and surpasses the size of Bondi Beach, providing a reference for its colossal scale.

The same dedicated team that successfully accomplished this project will be at your service, ensuring a professional, courteous, and highly knowledgeable approach to your project.

How do we get a quote?

Feel free to reach out to us.

If you prefer a direct conversation to discuss your line marking requirements, you can call our team at (02) 8664 0165.

If you already have a clear vision of your linemarking services and have a floor plan , you can expedite the process by emailing it to us at for a free quote.

If you require a site inspection and would like a member of our team to visit your Sydney linemarking location, please send us an email with your details at We’re here to accommodate your preferences and make the communication process as effortless as possible in regards to your warehouse linemarking and carpark linemarking.

We found a cheaper price but want you to do our project!

Talk to us about a price beat!

We acknowledge that the Line marking industry is highly competitive, and you might have encountered linemarking services that didn’t meet your expectations or have left you disappointed in the past.

If you happen to come across a more competitive warehouse linemarking or carpark linemarking price elsewhere, we encourage you to provide us with the opportunity to offer you a quote for your project.

In a majority of instances, we are willing to revisit our pricing, and our Managing Director will personally view the Sydney linemarking quote to explore possible adjustments.

It’s definitely worth considering a quote from us!

What paint do you use?

City Line Marking Uses Quality Paint.

Warehouses & Carparks: City Line marking utilizes Dulux paints on the majority of our linemarking services. These paints are highly durable, with exceptional longevity. When applied correctly, they exhibit excellent adhesion without peeling or flaking. We refrain from using waterborne paint, as it is our belief that this type of paint exhibits faster wear compared to solvent-based paints for warehouse linemarking and carpark linemarking.

Roads & Durable Paint: For road and durable paint applications, City Linemarking opts for cold-applied plastic, a composite consisting of Part A and Part B components. This combination triggers a chemical reaction, transforming the paint into a solid, long-lasting solution. Cold-applied plastic (CAP) is rapidly gaining popularity as one of Australia’s preferred paint types. City Linemarking is proud to possess a CAP machine, enabling our line markers to efficiently apply this paint.

Is the paint non-Slip?

Non-Slip Can Be Added.

The paint we utilize, specifically Dulux line marking paint, is equipped with a non-slip line marking feature. However, if you desire enhanced non-slip properties, we can incorporate additional non-slip additives into the paint upon request.

This involves blending the non-slip aggregate into the paint during the line marking services application. Non-slip is commonly used in carpark linemarking and also warehouse linemarking. Furthermore, we offer an optional slip certificate service for all Sydney Linemarkings, which involves independent testing and certification to confirm the non-slip compliance of your newly painted linemarking services.

How long until we receive our quotation?

Next Business Day Line marking Quotations.

At City Line marking, we are committed to providing prompt services. We guarantee to prepare and deliver all our free quotes to you within 24 hours.

However, if you have urgent Sydney Linemarking requirements or need an even quicker turnaround, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (02) 8664 0165 and speak with our dedicated estimator.

We are here to accommodate your specific warehouse linemarking and carpark linemarking needs and ensure a swift response to your requests.

I need a site inspection, can you come out?

Certainly, Take Advantage Of A Free Site Inspection.

City Line marking is equipped with a dedicated team of in-house Business Development Managers who are readily available to visit your site.

They will not only guide you in achieving the optimal Linemarking outcome for your property but also bring with them precise floor measuring equipment, including advanced measuring wheels. This ensures that the quotes provided are accurate.

Additionally, our BDMs are always eager to address any questions or concerns you may have about your Sydney Linemarking services, ensuring you receive the best service and results possible for your warehouse linemarking and carpark linemarking needs.

Fill in our contacts page for a free site inspection today.

What about cleaning the floor before Linemarking?

Cleaning the floor before Line marking is a crucial step.

Consider Linemarking similar to painting a wall; just as a dirty wall can hinder paint adhesion, the same applies to Line marking services. If the floor is soiled, the paint won’t adhere properly. When dealing with dirty floors, we offer two options:

  1. Our team can perform a thorough pressure wash of the floor two days before the Linemarking services to ensure a clean and suitable surface.
  2. If you have access to a pressure cleaner and prefer a do-it-yourself approach, this is also a viable option.

On the day of Line marking, our team employs powerful leaf blowers to eliminate any leaves, dirt, and debris from the floor. This preparation is conducted before measuring and painting, guaranteeing optimal paint adhesion for all Sydney Linemarking including warehouse linemarking and carpark linemarking.

What should we expect on the day?

The Day Of Line Marking.

When our Line marking team arrives at your site, our supervisor will make an introduction. They will review the approved project details and take a brief walk with you to precisely determine the placement of the Linemarking locations.

Subsequently, the team will commence with the cleaning, measuring, and chalking to outline the locations for the Linemarking services. Once you have approved the layout, our team will proceed to apply the new Linemarking. Before departure, they will secure the designated areas and provide guidance on drying time and paint maintenance.

Are you insured?

Absolutely, City Linemarking Is Fully Insured.

Our company strictly adheres to government guidelines and maintains comprehensive insurance coverage, including $20 million in public liability and workers’ compensation. This commitment to safety and protection ensures that both our clients and our team members are covered in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Your peace of mind is our priority.