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Shopping Centres are one of the most dangerous places people drive. Multiple stores within proximity draw customers in, but each arrives in their own life-bubble not particularly attuned to fellow shopper’s needs or presence. People backing out or going against the isle flow cause countless accidents while spaces best reserved for disabled persons are monopolised by hurried patrons.

Ground-painted roadway signs offer vital direction and instructions for drivers manoeuvring complicated intersections and car parks. City Linemarking & Maintenance is the one-stop solution for road marking in Sydney and NSW shopping centres, universities, and multi-unit residential buildings. We work with you to optimise space while safely streamlining traffic flow.

Road Safety Line Marking for Sydney Shopping Centres

An established shopping centre already gets much traffic, so you’ll want to start fresh. While optional, we strongly recommend prepping the roadway with a good wash. Despite being outdoors and on the ground, you still never want to paint on a dirty surface. Aesthetically unappealing, this shortcut can reduce the longevity of your investment by upwards of 50%.

When one paints over debris, it can move leaving a void in the paint creating additional edge points. Edge points are particularly vulnerable to chipping, and your project to enhance road safety through line marking at your Sydney centre will require remarking too soon.

Prep the area yourself or hire our maintenance team. Our prepping options include high-pressure wash, surface grinding, shot blasting (tiny pellets shot at high velocity to break up previous paint), or a quick and easy coat of Black Out paint (does not clean). The high-pressure wash is elected most often, and our system has an attached vacuum to suck up excess water and the debris it dislodged. Cleaning treatments should be done about two days before road painting in Sydney to ensure that the surface is dry.

In addition to precise line work, we use stencils for words and informational signs. Number parking slots for easy car location, or label off-limits parking as reserved. Additional stencils include walkways, pedestrian crossing, one way, arrows, disabled and everything you need to direct the flow of traffic.

Quality, Service, and Safety from City Linemarking & Maintenance

Where other road painting services available in Sydney optimise profits by cutting corners, our commitment to quality ensures that we’ll take our time, do it right, and only use the best outdoor multi-surface paint for the Australian climate, Dulux. You can count on our teams to be prompt, efficient, and thorough.

When you contact us for line marking services in Sydney, you’re assigned a project manager who’ll serve as your contact for the job’s duration. They’ll walk you through the process, take note of your requirements and special requests, and provide regular progress updates as they work and oversee the road painting project. We find this minimises the chance of miscommunications, misunderstandings, and progress delays.

We have crews available 24-hours to accommodate business operation schedules. Additionally, we supply and install all car park features such as bike racks, wheel stops, height bars, corner guards, convex mirrors, and anything else you need to make your shopping centre car park as safe and user friendly as possible. There’s no time like the present, so call to find out how City Linemarking & Maintenance can improve the navigation of your centre.

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