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How often does the average person take something like road markings for granted? They’re essential for getting from place to place safely – they’re simply everywhere all the time. They had to get there somehow, though — and that’s where providers of line marking come into play. Not only does this type of painting require an experienced approach and the knowledge of the right paint products, but it demands precision and sometimes even speed. It’s not just public roads, either — car parks and many other places (such as warehouses) can depend on accurate line marking in Canberra for safety.

When you face a need to secure this service to complete a very large job road markingjob inCanberra, selecting a provider who understands the demands and constraints of the job is essential. At City Linemarking & Maintenance, we are well-equipped to travel to the capital city to carry out work on these large-scale applications. From adding vibrant lines to a new car park to supplying and installing wheelstops and bollards, we can achieve a wide range of outcomes. To ensure only the most reliable outcomes, we exclusively use Dulux paint — an industry leader in longevity. Our services can also be used to create a safer work environment. How?

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Consider the example of a warehouse which requires line marking services in Canberra. This may be a new set of markings, or it could be that the business requires a refresh of their current markings. These play a vital role in employee safety, marking out danger zones, areas of caution, and more. Such line painting in Canberra must conform to the relevant standards to be able to deliver the right safety information. To assist a facility in this manner, we would first conduct a site visit. This not only allows our professional staff to understand the scope of the job, but it lays the foundation for future planning.

A common complaint we hear concerns how long paint lasts after marking. If you’ve experienced rapid flaking and fading in the past, it is likely because the surface was not properly prepared. Prior to undertaking line painting in Canberra, we thoroughly prep all work surfaces to provide the best possible medium for uptake of the paint. Combined with the high-quality products we use, this delivers a vibrant result that can stand the test of time and meet your regulatory requirements.

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Whether your project is indoors or outdoors, City Linemarking & Maintenance is ready to embark on a journey towards success for our clients. Our skills are well suited to heavy duty and large-scale applications in Canberra. Find out more about our services and how we can achieve results in any number of industries and areas. Have questions, or want to book a visit for a quote soon? Please get in touch now.

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