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Cold Applied Plastic Long Lasting

Cold Applied Plastic Professionals

In the past five years, Cold Applied Plastic (CAP) has become a popular option for line marking thanks to its durability and nonyellowing properties. A low maintenance choice, CAP can be directly applied over existing thermoplastic or temporary paint, which means there’s no need to remove existing coatings.

CAP cures via a chemical reaction, meaning it chemically bonds to the substrate rather than adhering by heat like

thermoplastic. This chemical bonding process occurs when 2 components known as part A and part B are mixed together. Once applied on the surface it takes between 15-30 minutes to harden. These markings have a longer life span than thermoplastic because CAP can withstand extreme weather conditions, CAP outlasts traditional thermoplastic road markings that soften under extreme heat and dislodge the asphalt underneath.


Durability Durability Durability Wear index, hardness v flexibility = durability, life expectancy. European specification the highest rating level.
Unaffected by Extreme Conditions Unaffected by Extreme Conditions Unaffected by Extreme Conditions Melting, softening CAP is classed as thermoset rather than thermoplastic in its material properties and does not significantly soften when heated, unlike thermoplastic which by definition soften when it becomes hot.
Reflectivity Reflectivity Reflectivity Retro measurements are more consistent due to the higher durability of the surface coating
Curing Time Curing Time Curing Time Compared to other 2 component systems, however thermoplastics “set hard” in a matter of 5 minutes which is actually faster than CAP. Longer traffic control is needed for CAP works however compared to epoxies CAP is cure much quicker.
Colourfastness Colourfastness Colourfastness Cured MMA is non-yellowing and extremely UV resistant and heat resistant in service compared to thermoplastic. Theroplastics typically oxidise over time causing yellowing and erosion over time, high heat conditions accelerate this process.
Adhesion Adhesion Adhesion CAP cures via a chemical reaction and meaning it chemically bonds to the substrate as compared to thermoplastic which adhere via chemical means only rather than a chemical bonding process.

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NSW Police Force
Christine Mckinney

” I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the workmen that came here to complete our line marking at Pemulwuy. All three of them were very professional and friendly and did a really great job with the line marking. Everyone here is very happy with the results.
Thanks again and kind regards”

Kooroora Tennis
Helen Ackerman

” Our tennis club is very happy to recommend City Linemarking. The service was prompt, efficient and the crew pleasant to deal with.They followed up with us to make sure we were satisfied with the job, which we were. Thanks”

Penrith RSL
Brian Bellomo

” We chose City Line Marking to mark our whole car park to new layout specs.From the outset, Ash, was very communicative, provided a competitive price and booked the job as efficiently as possible. On the day, Ash and his team arrived on time, completed the job on time and left the venue without issue.
We highly recommend City Line Marking.”

Wickham Freight
Rohan Keogh

” Dealing with City Line marking has been great! They are fast, responsive and capable. Within 12 hours of the first phone call, Ash was out measuring and Scoping the site. Less than a week later the team arrived on site and after 2 days over 2.5 kilometres of paint had been laid and the job was complete.”

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